The Arctic

The most unprotected ocean on the planet

the Arctic

Due to climate change, the thaw of the Arctic is occurring at a much faster rate than in the rest of the world. Our climate is changing, and especially in the Arctic where the glaciers are melting and the sea ice is disappearing. The Arctic plays an important role in the global climate. These changes in the Arctic not only affect its inhabitants and ecosystems, but also the rest of the world. The warming of the Arctic takes place at a rapid pace and changes of much greater scope are foreseen. Experts predict that Arctic ice can disappear completely in a few decades.


Studies estimate that the progress of the melting will cause a rise in sea level so important that will flood islands and coastal areas; cities like Venice, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Barcelona or Amsterdam will end up submerged under water, and areas like Florida will become islands.

Climate Change

Ice melts faster than ever, especially in the summer. According to experts, in the year 2050, the Arctic could be completely free of ice.


Arctic animals are hunted frequently, as a sport or for the illegal sale of skins. In some countries, penalties on hunting are not strict.


The oil industry is moving more towards the Arctic, producing the consequences of oil spills and the deterioration of the ecosystem.


Animals are exposed to high levels of contamination through their food. The fat of marine animals are full of toxins and metals.

in Danger

That the habitat of the Arctic animals is in danger, also poses a huge threat to the environmental balance of the planet. The ice of the Arctic acts as a global refrigerator, producing solar heat into space and keeping the planet cool.

Contact with
the Arctic

The threat from polar animals is also a warning of the consequences of the climate change. In other words, we must face a series of drastic changes that change the environment forever and avoid the damage that climate change can cause on our planet. Save them, therefore, is to save us.

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